Digital marketing, blogposts, editorial, typesetting & hierarchy based media


Scryla is a CTO consultancy operating in the UK.
During my time at Dawn, I was involved in the brand execution, designing blog post thumbnails, large documents in the Scryla style and digital marketing, creating social post sets.

This was another exercise in well-treated type, and utilising colour and pattern to maintain the identity of Scryla, and get across a message in an effective, attention-grabbing way.


︎︎︎ Digital marketing
︎︎︎ Digital design
︎︎︎ Execution of brand identity
︎︎︎ Editorial & typesetting

︎︎︎ Livery

Any construction company needs a good livery. AIM’s livery aims to stand out on site, and reinforce the image of a high-end, high-quality company.

︎︎︎ Letterhead

The AIM letterhead once more uses the AIM Dot pattern subtly to create something akin to a gradient. The typeface, Trade Gothic, allows for the copy to appear modern, classic and high end simultaneously.

︎︎︎ Hard hat

AIM’s signature AIM Dot in action here, adorning the sides
of the hard hat without being imposing, allowing the logo
to breathe and take centre stage.