Behind Iron Curtains


Research and documentation, publication design, typography, typesetting, printmaking, photography


Behind Iron Curtains is a publication based outcome of my research project,  ‘Under Iron Curtains: studying the evolution of Soviet visual propaganda and its aims from 1945 to 1991’.

Behind Iron Curtains is a 76 page publication which examines the use of architecture in the USSR as a
form of propaganda, and how it evolved under Soviet leadership- from Stalin, to Gorbachev.


︎︎︎    90GSM Munken Lynx
︎︎︎    130GSM Munken Design
︎︎︎    105GSM Transclear

Final Outcome

These closeups showcase some of the typesetting decisions and image placement in the publication.

Looking through them, you should be able to notice the rigid, uniform use of a grid throughout the design process.

One such typesetting decision was for main text to take 2/3 space, and caption text to take 1/3 space, in a select area- forming a sort of reliant system where both columns lean on each other and allow for easy, fast reading.

Translucent stock in action.
This provides a different feel, and keeps the publication engaging for the reader.

This decision was made with the idea of the ‘iron curtain’ in mind, wherein nothing in the USSR was transparent- intentions, politics, media, and even architecture.

As you turn the page, the next page becomes less visible.

Flat Spreads, Final Outcome

Included to allow for viewing of layout, structures and grid systems.