Brand identity, layout + editorial design, digital marketing


While at Dawn, I worked with the team to rebrand the agency.

This was a great experience of real in-industry work, helped me to build my confidence up and test out my skills as a designer- and enjoy working in a team of like-minded individuals!

I worked within the team to convert all existing materials from documents to marketing and downloadables. As part of my role, I also helped to set styles for information presentation, the graphic style of the new brand, and typesetting rules. I was responsible for pieces of design used by the agency in webinars, digital marketing, advertisements, presentations, etc.

I also worked on client work at Dawn- take a look at Scryla, Zen, Birchdale, 10trees, and AIM for a range of digital, UX/UI and branding work.


︎︎︎ Brand identity
︎︎︎ Brand execution
︎︎︎ Branded assets
︎︎︎ Editorial & typesetting

︎︎︎ Dawn Docs

As part of the rebrand, it was important to bring every single document that the agency uses up to date and restyled. In all, I rebranded well over 50 documents, many of which contained up to 30 pages.