Water Street Architects


Brand identity, web design, advertisement, brand merchandise


Water Street Architects is an architecture firm focused on minimalist and brutalist architecture, with an aim of preserving the main elements of both design styles in their work.
This project involved development of the brand identity of Water Street Architects, known in short form as Water Street, including the wordmark logo and the company colour scheme.
I also designed an interactive website prototype, featuring a home, specific project, about and contact page. This was built as a wireframe on Adobe XD, and developed and altered to suit the Water Street identity and the type and image necessary.
The website was created to follow with the firm’s brand identity- preserving white space, and giving type and image space to breathe on the page.


Brand identity
Web design

︎︎︎    Website, interactive elements

︎︎︎   Website, flat wireframes

︎︎︎    Advertisement Advertisement follows the brand’s minimalist message, telling the onlooker simply: this is what we do, hire us for it.

︎︎︎    Business card
︎︎︎    Office door hanger